Chill Clothing With A Conscious Bent

Our Mission

Cold Club®’s mission is to unite the world's millions of cold water immersion practitioners through conscious clothing, journeys and events.

For millennia, disparate cultures have used the earth’s cold waters for its vast benefits: improved immune system, vigorous energy, healing, mental and emotional connection, anti-aging, spiritual pursuits or just having a damn fun time!

Recently, cold practices are breaking into the mainstream and for good reason, science has validated what practitioners have known for ages.

We tell the stories from ancient cultures and modern seekers alike to bridge time and distance for humanity's pursuit of cold benefits.

Cold Club® is committed to giving back. Not only do we support and highlight practitioners of the cold, but 1% of all clothing proceeds are donated to integral small businesses and non-profits committed to preserving and connecting us to nature. Join the mission by buying our clothing and services, treating yourself and the earth kindly.

And always ****Stay Chill****

Cold Club® approved guides are specialists in helping you reconnect with yourself and nature through carefully curated experiences while journeying with friends and like-minded strangers.

We cold plunge, connect to the earth, share great food and we breathe together. We take you to amazing expanses, dip into the earth’s cold waters, show you the best natural swimming holes and local hidden secrets.


Take you Back to Nature

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